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Greece is among the countries with the most intense nightlife. And around 4 in the morning is when guests of bouzoukia reach the so called in greek tsakir kefi, meaning the peak of the night’s entertainment. Big bouzoukia-nightclubs spend an exorbitant sometimes amount of money on advertisement. Athens is known for its crazy nightlife. At the beach bars the dj’s selections segue from chill to dance, the beat pulsates under the heat of the sun, while you dance barefoot on the sand, champagne glass in hand.

Island is the club for which the international press has repeatedly referred to on the stories about greece, and famous international visitors walk through its paths every summer. In the hora of cosmopolitan mykonos, you’ll stroll along the whitewashed cobblestones and come across countless famous bars and clubs frequented by well-heeled athenians, stylish europeans and celebrities.

People pitch up in this basement at 8 am on a sunday, after an all-night bar crawl across athens. Nightclubs in greece are divided into two main categories: those with live greek music , and discotheques or bars playing recorded greek, american or european music. I would visit lohan nightclub again. Located at iera odos 30-32 in the gazi (kerameikos) region of athens, greece, lohan nightclub is a concept created by well known businessman dennis papageorgiou and hollywood superstar lindsay lohan as a means to revive the local athenian clubbing scene and bring people together.

Frozen cocktails by experienced mixologists, lounge music and dance parties, visitors from around the world, all come together to create the ideal atmosphere, every day of the week, till the end of summer. Nightlife in athens gets going after midnight and keeps going until dawn. We have just given you a first taste of what athens has to offer in terms of nightlife.

When carole linda aaron was a student majoring in science education in athens from 1959 to 1963, she remembers one of the popular student hangouts was poss’ barbecue. Popularly called the ‘box’ by locals is a hidden bar located at taki 3, athina 105 54, athens. Sun, sand, music and party are the four words that characterise this vibrant beach bar in alimos, not far from central athens, by the athens’ riviera.