Best bars and clubs in athens

Most gayâ bars in athens are located in gazi, near kerameikos station. Normally these clubs play mainstream music and r&b, mixed with greek music (usually later in the night). To attract more athenians bouzoukia owners try to book two or even three famous singers. The summer club is located at 105 51, vlachava 9, athina 105 51, athens. At bouzoukia the guests go to the stage and dance along with the singers.

Pop musician sakis rouvas , performing at starz, a non-tradition-style (non-bouzoukia) nightclub. The φωταεριο γκαζι of history, culture, festivals, fun and a vibrant nightlife. You’ll discover thousands of ways to spend the evening: hip bars, open-air clubs and dancing on tables at bouzoukia, with live greek music interspersed with dj sets. Moreover many prominent greeks have been famous bouzoukia habitues.

It is a fact that around 50% of the greeks are smokers and bouzoukia-nightclubs must be the smokiest place you could go to. Some of the guests who’d like to show off may even light a cigar at bouzoukia. Popular venues with greek popular singers are kentro athinon (peiraios 142), enastron (peiraios 188), club 22 (leoforos vouliagmenis 22), posidonio (leoforos posidonos 18), fotaerio (peiraios 102) and hotel ermou (ermou 152).

Keep in mind that in greece the bars do not close if there are still people in it. They just wait till people leave for themselves. That’s why they’re known as afteradika, a greek idiom for late night clubs that derives from after, as in ‘after hours.’ follow us down the stairs to some of athens’ most happening underground clubs.

Speakers pump the latest house and top 40 music at clubs, featuring guest djs from all over the world. In thessaloniki , begin your night out at aristotelous sq. Pick any of the popular city centre bars and tavernas or head towards neighbourhoods such as palaia sfageia, ladadika or the romantic uphill area called kastra.